“…the author knows exactly what he’s talking about…the barn yard and dairy come to life as if the reader were there…also a great read for classrooms and home schoolers – Bookworm for Kids (Cow Poop)

“Highly recommended for both its quality of writing and its superb handling of difficult subject matter.”Kirkus Reviews (Brain Injury)

“…a wonderful story of how trying something new and changing up habits is a good thing which can lead you to discovering talents you didn’t know you had!”How to Grow Your Geek #121 (School Soccer)

“…fun, interesting stories with well-written characters, and have a good amount of science info in them as well!”How to Grow Your Geek #99 (Mars Mission and Solar Powered)

“…a nice choice for adventure-seeking middle graders that like knowing how things work. It’s a quick read and part of a series that offers more adventures with the same likable friends.” – Children’s Book Review (Keystone Species)

“…you predominately write with boys in mind. Or is it more that you just write what you know and it lends itself well to a male audience?” – Children’s Book Review (Interview with Phil Rink)

“…Rink’s message to readers is clear: that questions, mistakes, and a willingness to keep trying in the face of failure are integral to problem-solving and innovation—and that kids can be innovators, too.
A lively narrative that ably combines rocket science, humor, and relatable characters.”Kirkus Reviews (Mars Mission)